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Aviation Insight is an aviation consultancy firm with Flight/Aircraft/Airline Management experience

and a strong civil aviation safety regulatory oversight background. A working knowledge concentrating on international aviation standards, operations, and training with the goal to improve aviation safety for Civil Aviation Authorities, Airlines, Aircraft & Airmen. Specializing in Aircraft Accident/Incident Investigation, Quality, Risk, & Project Management including, MRO Certification and Renewals, Aircraft Export/Import processes, Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness Approvals, Airworthiness Directive Management, and Aircraft Production/Supply Chain oversight and auditing.

We are practitioners of Safety Management Systems, LEAN/Six Sigma (DMAIC), and Human Factors development and implementation.

Lease consultation and manage aircraft lease returns so there is no disruption to your air operator operation and are no penalties. Technical consequences to look out for, especially in terms of clauses pertaining to maintenance and lease return conditions. Aircraft lessors usually require that the aircraft undergo heavy maintenance at an EASA or FAA certified MRO.

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